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MAPFRE ASISTENCIA opens its second call center in the United States

MAPFRE has opened its second call center in the United States in the city of Columbus (Georgia). From this new platform, its subsidiary MAPFRE ASISTENCIA will handle 24-hour roadside assistance services, fielding over 8.2 million calls a year through its 285 operative positions. The company plans to increase the workforce to 450 members of staff.

The new assistance centre will be managed by ROAD AMERICA, in addition to the company’s call center at its headquarters in Miami. Both platforms will provide MAPFRE with the capacity to handle over 11 million calls and carry out approximately 3 million services a year in the US. The 2,300 m2 Columbus call center is equipped with state-of-the-art telephone systems.

In the United States MAPFRE ASISTENCIA provides national and international roadside assistance services to over one hundred corporate clients, which means that 16 million people in the country use the services of its two subsidiaries ROAD AMERICA and FEDERAL ASSIST.

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA, which has a total of 35 call centers worldwide, is the MAPFRE Group company specialising in assistance. Operating in over 60 markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, it has a portfolio of over one thousand corporate clients and meets the needs of 67 million insureds and 120 million beneficiaries.



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